What is CRO?

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        “CRO” stands for Conversion Rate Optimisation, which is the process of increasing the number of conversion on your website or online channels. These are normally recorded when ecommerce transactions are made or when you set up “goals” for customers to achieve.


Driving traffic to your website is great, but this is not enough to nurture your business. A high conversion rate is essential, not only to generate leads, but to gain sales for your business. This means you need to increase your conversion rate and this can be done through conversion rate optimisation. By using conversion rate optimisation, you can utilise tactics that assist with human psychology and how people interact with your website to give them a better user experience. This may be to sign up for a newsletter, make a purchase, or some other action related to your specific site and business. Conversion rate optimisation can vary between different businesses as some businesses may see results from simply changing the colour on a button, whereas other websites will need a technical audit of their website structure and data to identify the specific problems on their website before resolving these.


Useful CRO Tools


        CRO tools are used to assist businesses with improving conversion rates and are often data comparison tools. Here are some that we highly recommend:


Google Analytics


        Google Analytics is a must-have for almost any website. It is completely free, it integrates with any website platform and it allows you to see accurate data in real time.  Google Analytics can create custom reports of almost any metric on the website from any traffic source which makes it great for identifying the problem areas of the website and allows you to create a strategy to overcome these issues effectively. You can also annotate any major events in Google Analytics and put that on a particular date, meaning you can compare the performance of the website before and after this date to see if your changes have improved conversions.




        Heat Mapping, live recorded user sessions and a whole range of other goodies, Hotjar is a really useful tool for CRO as it provides a lot of information about user experience on your website. Hotjar isn’t free, but they do offer a free trial and it is worth the money spent for the insight you get in return. Hotjar allows you to see where users interact on your website, which pieces of content are relevant to them and what isn’t and then you can make changes accordingly.


Google Optimise


        Another free tool and integrates with with google analytics, this is a really simple AB split testing tool. It is designed with a widget website builder that allows you to update elements on a website such as text, colours and the position of elements through the builder to compare to the existing design of the website. It is important to note that most websites don’t have enough data for AB split testing, so do your research before doing this on any old website and watch the tutorial videos provided by Google to understand exactly what you are testing.


6 X CRO Quick Tips


  1. Remove sliders – everyone has a slider and they make your main Call To Action fuzzy.
  2. Put important product information above the fold.
  3. Optimise website speed below 6 seconds load time.
  4. Highlight your USP (unique sales proposition) on the home page.
  5. Utilise site search, it often converts A LOT better.
  6. Listen to your customers, ask them questions, look at your data, often the answer to your conversion problems is staring right at you!




        These are a few entry level tools and some quick tips to help you get your head around CRO and how to implement it. Google Analytics is an obvious favorite and really is the basis of your website data and should always be a priority, but the other tools may assist you with finding the data you need to improve your website. There a many more tools and tips for improving conversions and the more you test and research, the better you get.


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