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Earlier this month Michael Stetzner of Social Media Examiner interviewed Marcus Sheridan, a key note speaker and partner at IMPACT, for a podcast. However, what Michael Stetzner was really interested about was how Marcus used video to advertise while he worked at River Pools.

Video is such a powerful medium for advertising today, because so many people are visual learners and gain an understanding of a company from videos. Marcus’ personal motto while at River Pools was “Unless we show it, it doesn’t exist.”  He also believes that video is a way to make yourself stand out from your competitors because you won’t all be saying through dense text. Video also puts a face with the brand.

Many companies try to avoid video because it isn’t clean cut or easy, but this medium is one of the widest distributed and most popular ways to advertise. The sooner a company embraces this technical tool, the sooner they can produce and distribute videos that will increase your sales and customer base.

Video isn’t some secret that marketers hide from their clients. Most marketers know that video is the way to go, but clients are largely uncomfortable with this. Stetzner suggests this may be because they haven’t looked into marketing and sales and haven’t seen the results good videos can create.

People also seem to see video as something only used for marketing purposes, but videos can be used in a variety of ways. Stetzner suggests that most of your subject matter in videos should be content from other areas of your business such as sales or customer service. Once you have the rest of the company backing you, you can begin creating videos.

One type of video you could easily start with is what Marcus termed the “80% video. This video should answer 80% of the most frequently asked questions your business gets from a new client. This video answers all of these questions and lets the potential customer get to know you and the company. To create this video brainstorm your companies’ top asked questions with several people from different departments in your company. After that, you can create a video for each question and then make one long video mash up at the end. While this video may not be short, if a client is interested in you they will be willing to watch it. Few people are willing to make a business decision without researching the company thoroughly.

Another Video that you might find helpful is a bio video. You can use this for most people in your company, and have customers get to know you and your team. Marcus says, you can even embed one in your email signature through WiseStamp. This video should be short and include information like whom you work for or with, the problems you solve, and some information of your life outside of work to show your personality. This will help the customer feel as if they actually know who they’re working with.

More directly linked to sales are landing page videos. These landing page videos can increase your conversion rate by 80%. This video has the effect of helping customers feel safe with your company and makes them more likely to trust you with their private information.

The last type of video you should consider making is the “Whom You’re Not a Fit For” video. This video does exactly what it sounds like. It tells potential customers what types of people or problems you can’t solve. While this may sound counterproductive, this type of video will help you set yourself apart and build trust between you and your customers. This video also cuts the amount of time you spend talking to people who won’t end up buying from you, and it makes those who will buy from you more familiar with you and your company, which means you’ll spend less time answering basic questions about what your company does.

Being in front in a video can make people uncomfortable, because they become too self-conscious. However, this can be overcome, and video is highly effective in internet marketing. The sooner you embrace the spotlight the sooner customers will learn to trust and work with you.




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