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Social Media Agency

We are social media strategists with one goal – to enable brands to use social media to effectively communicate with their customers and experience immense results as a consequence.

We are…

Born Social
No one understands social media like our team. We've spent years dedicating our time to helping clients navigate social and combining our leading analytics and technical skills to deliver first class strategies.
Inherent in our mentality is a focus on value. We are always seeking new ways to deliver added value to your audience, rather than hiding behind likes and shares, and will craft a unique strategy to deliver it.
Service Focused
Our specialised social media teams will deliver a strategy, content production, brand management, paid ads and influencer management with your satisfaction in mind at all times.
With our brand experience we pride ourselves on being able to adapt our skills and knowledge of social media to whatever your business objective is.

Platforms we love.

How we work

We have the data needed to fuel your social media strategy. We know what people say. What they do. Where they hang out. And what are your competitors doing? We know that too!

Research is the centre piece of our social media strategies.

It is through our research and insights that we are able to provide you with an expertly crafted, strategic consultancy for every aspect of your business's social media. We have access to the market landscape, we will use surveys, interest mapping and many more of the other tools we have at our finger tips.

No matter whether you need a complete social media makeover, a detailed content plan or social media customer service guidance we promise to guide you in the right direction in order to get the results you desire.

Insights-led innovation

We take the time to analyse and observe your business and industry. We quite simply love to devise strategies that simply your processes and bring out-of-the-box ideas and solutions to the table. It is this focus on data that allows us to create exciting strategies for our clients and uphold innovation every step of the way.

You now have the data, but what should  you do with it? How do you know which platform to use? What content to share and how often? Our strategy will have you covered.

Our strategies will help you pinpoint what your brand requires, identify any potential obstacles and create a map to help you get there. Are you looking for content? To generate engagement? Advice on where to post? Guidance on implementing the right tools to demonstrate success to stakeholders? We can help.

A strategy based on objectives

Our strategies will fully align with your brands vision and will be based upon insights and research. We are here to enable you to think strategically about each element of your social media and how it supports your overall marketing strategy.

Simple put: We will work with you to roadmap what you need to get your social media right, tell you what you need to be measuring and ensuring you get results.

Which tool is right for you?

By spending time with your team and getting an understanding of your brand's specific needs, we can assess which social media platforms are best suited to your business. We will help you dilute the noise and select a channel that will help you reach your goals.

We know how to connect with others. We can guide you on what to say, when to say it and how to say it.

Social media communication is where we thrive! Our approach to communication focuses on four fundamental areas.

Nurturing your business's reputation

All communication taking place on social media managed by our team will always lead with your best food, but we will also equally uphold honesty and transparency. As people, we don't respond well to canned responses, but we understand that businesses have set procedures and guidelines. We have the skills to be able to balance this act perfectly.

Expanding the visibility of your business

Now, are are certain that the goal of increasing your businesses reach and visibility is somewhere in your comprehensive marketing strategy. We are able to reach your target market and at crazy large volumes. We will select the right channels and devise messages as well as scheduling plans in order to ensure your social media communications are carried out with visibility and reach in mind.

Making your customers smile

Effective social media has the ability to transform your audience into fans and brand advocates. We truely value interactions and we take the time to ensure your customers are happy and where appropriate perhaps throw in a little joke! Only if you're happy of course – you call the shots.

Fluency in Human

In business, everyone uses pre-written messages, but it's how these are crafted that can make the difference. We ensure that your brand's tone of voice is present throughout every single piece of content shared or posted on social media.

Our delivery is impeccable. This means that we are highly focused on enabling you to achieve your set objectives, target KPI's – making everything as simple and effective as we possibly can.

At SEO Melbourne, we believe that reporting and analysis of our projects is crucial to our client's successes. Yes, we can create a fantastic strategy, a top communications plan but how it is delivered is what matters! What is is that they say? The devil is in the detail and our team certainly sweats in the small stuff in order to ensure you achieve the ROI you deserve.

Let us drop a few names.

Why Social Media?


Social media sites are some of the most visited sites in the world with nearly 15 million registered users nationwide and billions more globally. With such a large and diverse population present at any given time, social media is now much more than a place to discuss your day, it's also an unprecedented chance for promotional outreach.

A social media marketing campaign affords your company the invaluable opportunity to connection on a personal level with the people that matter most: those who support your business. A well maintained social media presence for your company can establish and build brand loyalty as your clientele begins to associate your business with positive social media experiences. We specialise in developing customised social media campaigns that get your company noticed on the newest grand stage.