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How we handle your Google Analytics.

At SEO Melbourne our Google Analytics certification means we are highly trained and up to date with Google’s advances; allowing us to track, manage, optimise, report and, where necessary, overhaul to achieve optimum results.

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Don’t have a Google Analytics Account?

No problem. SEO Melbourne will create and set up your Google Analytics accounts. An account set-up and implemented by experts means that you start as you mean to go on: collecting the data and analysis reports you need to make informed choices.

How we handle your Google Analytics.

Already have a Google Analytics account? How long was it since it last had a check-up? We understand that your business puts demands on you left, right and centre, but a fine-tuned Analytics account will save you time and money.

SEO Melbourne will carry out an extensive audit of your Google Analytics account and check it is working to full capacity. During this process, we will make developer recommendations, identify and iron out any issues or errors that might skew reports and suggest and implement changes to enhance your current reporting methods.

Getting the most from your Google Analytics.

Are you getting the most from your Analytics account? Have you set goals that you don’t know how to reach? Our team of experts will take your current data and help to draw up strategies and achievable short, middle and long-term goals that produce and exceed your desired results across your website(s), funnels, reports and, if necessary, location-based analytics.

To further ease your Google Analytics headaches, we will consolidate your website ‘tags’’ using Google Tag Manager.

Understand Your Reporting.

You’re not alone in being bamboozled by a Google Analytics report. SEO Melbourne will listen to your needs and customise your account so that the vital data you need is easy to access, to read and to decipher. This service extends to your reports and dashboard – making your life easier and stress-free. Moreover, when you do get your reports, we will help you break them down and understand what they are telling you!


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