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SEO Expertise.

Before devising your campaign we will conduct a full and thorough SEO audit of your site to identify any issues that need to be fixed as a priority. Simply put, an audit will tell us what your brand is getting right and, equally importantly, what you’re getting wrong.
On completion of the SEO audit and competitor analysis, we will begin to craft your SEO strategy which will utilise an array of exciting tools and technological magic. No matter whether you need a simple MOT or a complete engine replacement we have the expertise to fuel your SEO. The result? Unrivalled online power.
Competitor & market analysis
What is it that they say? Failing to prepare is preparing to fail! Our competitor analysis will outline opportunities to improve your position and domain authority. It will also identify who your brand’s ideal customers are, what they are searching for and how can we help them find it.

We Are

1. Industry Leaders

With our innovative holistic approach to SEO we are leading the industry and are able to provide our clients with a service that outperforms and delivers unrivalled competitive advantage.

2. SEO Strategists

We take the time to delve into our client’s business, essentially, we make it our business to know your business! Only then can we deliver a tailored, integrated SEO strategy that works.

3. Changing

We are constantly evolving and adapting in order to accommodate the increasing complexity of search algorithms. Making sure we are ahead of the game, at all times.

4. Accountable

We won’t keep you in the dark. We understand the importance of ROI and our real reporting with real metrics holds our work accountable to your investment.

Our Approach to SEO

Our team of search engine optimisation (SEO) experts will delve in to your business to get a true understanding of how your business ticks and will work closely with you to develop a tailored SEO strategy driven by your objectives, KPIS and requirements.

At SEO Melbourne we understand that organic search is no longer a stand-alone discipline and are advocates for our very own holistic approach. This proven and sustainable SEO service intimately combines leading technical expertise and engaging content to maximise brand exposure.

Team work makes the dream work! That’s why our SEO specialists, marketing and development teams work closely together at our Melbourne office to produce all SEO strategies. Each and every single piece of activity is perfectly planned, exquisitely executed and meticulously monitored to ensure that it provides a ROI and delivers on your set objectives – which, more often than not is to drive traffic to your website.  

Sounds great right? But how is it actually achieved?

Search Engine Optimisation can seem like a minefield at times with new rules exploding out of thin air and penalisations shooting businesses down faster than you can say SEO. Luckily for you, we are well adept to handle Google’s radical changes and keep our client’s armed and guarded at all times.

Over the last 10 years tactics and techniques that used to work well in increasing organic search visibility are simply no longer cutting it. As a matter of fact, these typically ‘black hat’ or ‘grey hat’ practices can lead to penalisation from Google – actually reducing the visibility of your domain online.  

On any mission to increase organic traffic to a domain via SEO strategies, its success relies on two factors:

Relevancy: This determines how relevant a domain and landing page content is to the keyword searched for and how useful it is to the target audience. ​

Authority:​ This determines how authoritative or powerful a domain is.

Ultimately, we can refer to these two factors as disciplines of SEO. On-site SEO & Off-site SEO.

Within our team we are lucky enough to have a number of Tech Geeks with an SEO superpower. They thoroughly analyse your website’s structure, internal architecture & other tech elements in accordance with algorithm preferences in order to provide solutions and recommendations to improve relevancy and alignment in your website.  This includes elements from technical SEO such as:

Content & META data optimisation

“Crawlability” of your domain

Page speed optimisation

Correct implementation of international targeting

Identification of 404 errors & 301 redirects

Sitemap optimisation

URL structures & informational architecture

Identification of duplicate content

Website design

And a bunch of other cool techtics!

Now we’ve covered the technical side, we can roll up our sleeves and move onto the creative, artistic elements. Because let’s face it an engaging website needs to do more than just pass the tech test. To achieve a strong ranking position, intriguing content is usually at the heart of the site and to get this right takes expertise. Fear not, our team has the skills to create content that exudes talent, creativity and finesse.

Our off-site SEO activity includes:


Content Marketing

Press Releases

PPC and AdWords

Social Media Marketing

Video Marketing

Link Building & Guest Posting


No SEO strategy or campaign under our watch will be launched without comprehensive reporting metrics in place so that we can measure the effectiveness of the work being carried out and provide you with the ROI you deserve.