SEO Mistakes To Avoid

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When it comes to SEO, it is best if you start by finding out the mistakes you should avoid at all costs. SEO sounds simple. Everybody thinks of keyword research and filling text with keywords. However, things are more complex than that. It is time to discover which are those most important mistakes you should stay away from when performing Search Engine Optimisation on your own:

  • Stuffing your content with keywords– the number one mistake in SEO, and SEO Melbourne experts couldn’t agree more. People tend to think that if they just stuff their web pages with the keywords they will be ranked high. On the contrary, what happens is that Google will ‘pick up’ your website as spam. This is the last thing you want…
  • Original Content- It’s important that your website content (text and images) are not copied from anywhere else on the web.  Google rewards those who produce quality, original content and can penalise those who copy.  (See the video below)
  • Allow broken links on your website– you should check regularly that your links work properly. Having broken links on your website only means that your visitors won’t keep returning as often, and Google will not look at you with ‘good eyes’. If you don’t have the time to check regularly your links, simply hire a SEO expert to perform this task.
  • Plagiarised content– Further to the above and needs to be stressed again; there are many websites out there where the content is copied from competition. Number 1: Google will ultimately recognise plagiarism and ban your site. Number 2: visitors are not stupid. They will quickly realise they have seen the exact same story somewhere else, and they have seen the exact same pictures on another website. Don’t lose your reputation, but rather hire a skilled copywriter to create the content for your websites.
  • Links from non-reputable websites– the main role of the links is for you to gain traffic and popularity from highly trusted sites. Now, when most of your links are redirecting from low profile websites, this is exactly the type of visitor you will get. You will not receive quality traffic to your website, with people who are actually interested in the products/services you offer. Even highly respectable SEO Australia experts warn that you must create only quality link campaigns, which take a lot of time and effort but it is definitely worth it!
  • Optimisation with the wrong keywords– No matter how good quality your content is, if your keywords are just the wrong ones you will not enjoy online success. You need to understand that competition is extremely tough and it takes a lot of time and effort to research the right keywords. Contact a highly reputable SEO company and look there for Keyword Research services. The experts will spend enough time on research and come up with keyword/combinations and key phrases that you can use all throughout your content.

There are plenty of useful and free optimisation tools available online. You should use these to implement a few useful strategies for your website. You won’t have the time or the skills to perform everything on your own, but take care of those aspects that you can. The rest, leave it into the hands of experienced Search Engine Optimisation specialists.

Check regularly the SEO rules and tactics that are trending, so that you will stay away from mistakes or from implementing strategies that are not even useful anymore. These trends are changing very often, so make sure to stay updated and always have on your side at least one SEO expert for assistance.

Below is a great video from Google themselves, detailing how they handle duplicate content, as touched on briefly above:


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