• When did you last carry out a competitor analysis?

    SEO Competitor Comparison

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When did you last carry out an SEO competitor analysis?

Competitor Analysis Melbourne

Here at SEO Melbourne, we will help you to understand your competitors’ tactics, what works for them, what doesn’t and most importantly, what will work for you…

Notice new opportunities within your industry.

Why a Competitor Analysis?

Optimise your site

Think creatively and see gaps in the market

Rethink and reapply your Google Ads

Notice new opportunities within your industry

Let SEO Melbourne kickstart your ecommerce store

Google Shopping Management

Why Analyse Competitors?

Does a competitor analysis feel counterintuitive to getting on with your work? Nosey, even? Not so. A competitor analysis is a smart move and one that will open your eyes to how you can better target your customers and take the lead in your niche area.

At SEO Melbourne, we study the SEO and GoogleAds methods that your main competitors are using and report these back to you in ways that will allow you to do.

How do we undertake an SEO competitor analysis?

We monitor the keywords you are using for both organic and paid searches and analyse their effectiveness against those used by your competitors. We will also examine the density of keywords, metadata and backlinks and compare these to the ones used by your competitors. This analysis allows us to suggest the best strategies to keep you ahead of the game.

How do we undertake Google Ads competitor analysis?

Our competitor analysis service extends into examining your competitors’ Google Ads budget, keywords, ad positions, clicks per day and ad texts and then holding these results up against your own.

We already know what works for you but understanding what does and doesn’t work for your competitor provides essential insights that will help you outbid for paid keywords and ad positions and seize opportunities in your industry that are ripe for the picking.

SEO Melbourne strives to offer a full competitor analysis service that will see an increase in your site performance, your ROI and give your ad spend a thorough workout!