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An Introduction to SEO

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SEO Audit

We do a full, manual audit of your site to identify any major or minor SEO Issues before quoting on your campaign

Competitor Analysis

After careful consultation on your business goals and objective, we look at key competitors in the marketplace and take our findings for implementation on your campaign


Using the audit including the keyword research and our competitor analysis, we put together a full SEO strategy for your website.

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Industry Leaders

We are industry leaders at the forefront of our craft. Our methods have influenced how the industry goes about their SEO.

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SEO Strategists

Understanding you're business is key to developing an effective SEO strategy

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As search algorithms become more complex, we find new ways to change and adapt.

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Real reporting with real metrics to hold our work accountable to your investment.

An Introduction To SEO

Google is a multi-billion-dollar search engine software package designed to provide users with the most relevant information to their search. Due to the complexity and accuracy of their algorithm Google have taken over 93% of all user based search in Australia, meaning the results they produce are better than competitors such as Bing and Yahoo, therefore there is greater confidence and better public sentiment meaning more people are using Google. Google make money from these users by attracting approximately 6% of clicks to their AdWords results, the first 4 positions at the top of a search page. This raises the question – Where does the other 94% of traffic go?

These users click on what is known as Google organic results. These results aren’t paid for and are naturally placed there by the Google search algorithm. Obviously accessing this 94% of search traffic is vital. Businesses are literally made or broken by organic search visibility so it’s in every business’ best interest to ensure their website is as prominent in search results as it possibly can be.

So, how do you get your business there?

The process of ranking, or improving your websites organic search visibility is a complex process which involves two main components; on-page optimisation and off-page optimisation. It’s important to remember that although Google provide guidelines and ‘best practices’ around what do to, much of what is implemented is subject to the SEO experts prior experience. Following Google’s Webmaster Guidelines is always important, but won’t necessarily yield the results you want. This is evident as we know that if everybody followed Google’s best practises, then what would differentiate one website from the next. From this we know that that Google don’t share completely fundamental ranking signals and their worth so experience means everything. We spend hour trying, testing and analysing results and how they change over time in order to provide our customers with the best possible results and return on their investment.

Whilst rankings are important, we use Google Analytics and powerful conversion tracking to monitor the progress and success of a campaign. Rankings are achieved in order to gain more traffic, but it’s common for websites to start gaining more traffic despite rankings for the targeted keywords having little movement when the SEO process is first started. This is simply because the organic search presence of the website overall has improved. Keywords we may not even be targeting almost certainly will prove in rankings also. Because of this, organic traffic and conversions are always the best measure.

Cheap ‘SEO’?

Guaranteed rankings?

Campaigns with many keywords (30+)?

Lock in contracts?

Snake-oil salespersons?

Need we say more? We pride ourselves on providing honest, reliable and accurate information. We don’t rely on sales tactics such as those listed above to gain your business, but on our knowledge, results and expertise. We build long-term relationships and provide a consultative, educational customer journey.