Paid search is a key marketing tool for businesses world-wide. No matter where people are searching and whichever device, our team have the expertise to provide you with maximum exposure for the optimum price.

What we do and how.

With 93% of searches in Australia being carried out on Google, AdWords is an essential part of paid media strategies. Developing effective campaigns that are driven by ROI to advertise to people searching for your products and services is what we do.
Utilising the Google Display Network (GDN), we show relevant ads to consumers that have already engaged with your brand. We uphold and nurture these re-marketing campaigns as they target your potential high-value customers.
YouTube & Shopping
Google Shopping and YouTube are alternative contact points to promote your business and brand. The ads we create will be non-intrusive, engagement based and targeted at the most relevant audience.

SEO Melbourne?

Competition Benchmarking
We harness advanced data and shine a torch on your current paid advertising activity, as well as, rigorously benchmark you against the competition.
Maximise ROI
We are completely in control of the budgets, spend and time scheduling to maximise effectiveness and ROI. You can be confident that every dollar we spend on your behalf will be treated as if it's one of our own.
Real-time Reporting
We provide powerful reporting and 24/7 access to the tools used to ensure you're up to speed.
Accurate Campaigns
Whether you are looking for a website that promises to convert leads, drive sales or increase traffic, our website designs will ensure you achieve your goals.


SEM Masters

Pay-Per-Click, or PPC advertising, are paid search results that appear in the vicinity of natural results in search engines. PPC ads are triggered by predetermined keywords, and are designed to place your ads in front of those most likely to do business with you. The highly targeted nature of these ad results makes them valuable, and they can also be cost-effective since you are only charged for users that click the links. PPC ads can be text-based or feature multimedia such as images and video, and they can also be optimised for mobile display, adding to their utility.

These ads also appear on websites as part of Google’s Internet-wide Display Network, which uses search history and other factors to generate targeted ads during web browsing. We’re a full-service solution for PPC campaigns, and our services include Google Ads Campaign management as well as advertising across social networks such as Facebook or LinkedIn.

Our unrivalled expertise, means that we’re a PPC agency worth talking to! At SEO Melbourne, we are fluent in every aspect of Paid Search advertising, from AdWords all the way through to YouTube and Google Shopping. And if and when Google Ads evolve – we will too.

As a company led and driven by results ROI is in our blood, we will guard your investment and provide you with the very best results. But, not only that – we have a unique approach to PPC too. We use leading next-generation technology and software to deliver your businesses message to your target audience in the best places and at the optimum time.

If you’re on the hunt for PPC & AdWords assistance, you will love working with us at SEO Melbourne. Firstly, you will be in the best possible hands, with each member of our team being highly qualified. In a World where thousands of agencies exist, it’s vital to select a company to work with that brings the A Game each and every time. There’s no need to feel shy about asking to see the results we’ve achieved for our clients – we’d be more than happy to share them with you.

Are you ready to get the ball rolling? Fantastic! We begin your PPC & AdWords projects with a full audit and review. We will consider what has worked well with your target audience and what’s not. More specifically, we will delve into your cost-per-acquisition and consider how it can be improved. With an array of advanced tools, we investigate everything you’ve been doing and benchmark you against the competition.


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