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SEO Melbourne are a specialist SEO Agency based in inner-Melbourne that delivers quality SEO services that are transparent and get results.

SEO Services
Combing our algorithm expertise, explosive content and backlink strategies to place your brand where it belongs in the search engines.
Google Ads
Our fluency in every aspect of PPC, from re-marketing to PPC and Google Shopping, ensures that no matter what people are searching for, and on whichever device, your brand will be found, seen & heard.
Social Media
Getting your Social Media right by fuelling conversations around your brand via targeted creative and paid content.
Web Design
We use our advanced tools to deliver your message to your targeted customers, in the right place and at the right time.

SEO Melbourne?

Real SEO Results
SEO Melbourne can back the claims we make with real results, case studies and reports.
Boutique SEO Agency
We pride ourselves on service and developing long-lasting relationships with our clients.
Australian Owned & Operated SEO
Speak with technical SEO experts and the actual people whom are implementing the SEO campaigns.
SEO Industry Leaders
Our SEO strategies which we have developed have been used by companies much larger than ourselves as the backbone of their own strategies

Real results, real case studies.

The original SEO Melbourne

SEO Melbourne

At SEO Melbourne we have worked on SEO campaigns with some of Australia’s biggest brands. Why? Because our data-driven unique holistic approach to SEO and digital marketing has blown their socks off! We’d love to blow yours off too. No matter your requirements or business, we have the expertise to tackle your SEO marketing efforts. Not only this, but we’re also one of Melbourne’s longest running SEO agencies with a solid reputation to match. 

Our SEO team are all SEO experts based in Melbourne. You can always get us on the phone and speak directly with the SEO technician working on your campaign. This means no low-cost outsourcing and you can always get the answers you’re after. 

We pride ourselves on our transparency, honesty and ability. Our SEO services have a proven track record with clients from all types of industries. Just ask to see our SEO case studies.

We understand SEO reporting is highly important to demonstrate growth and value. Our custom tool integrates directly with Google Analytics, Search console, Ads and more. This allows us to build custom SEO reports for our clients. 

Search Insight

Our approach to SEO and digital marketing is not only fun, but hugely informative. You will gain insight into your customer’s online habits and view them in a totally new way (fully dressed, of course!).

Our SEO campaigns are based on extensive keyword research, completed in consultation with our clients to ensure the foundation set is solid. From this point, we develop customised strategies, focusing on on-page and off-page elements to create campaigns that deliver.

Performance Based

Performance is in our blood, for us it’s a way of life and our SEO campaigns follow this train. You can be sure that our focus will be pinpointed on ROI and for this reason we don’t do lock-in contracts. All campaigns are benchmarked and meticulously tracked for metrics that show growth.

Our reporting tools allow us to build customised reporting for each client, based on their requirements. This means real data, no fluff.

Always Melbourne

Do we outsource our SEO? Absolutely not!  At SEO Melbourne, we build relationships with our clients based on trust, authenticity and transparency.

We understand many agencies make this claim but in fact do outsource their SEO. Our doors are always open and you're free to speak with a consultant to confirm yourself.

Quality control, particularly with back-linking methods and understanding the local market are critical in developing the successful campaigns we uphold.

Measuring Success

We understand that each of our client’s requirements are unique and that’s why we build tailored reports that focus on presenting your individual metrics and KPIs. By measuring success we are able to refine and tweak the process to provide you with more ROI.



Before devising a strategy we begin by analysing your current situation and review your objectives, activity and consider what’s working and what’s not.



Once we’ve gained a thorough understanding of your business situation, we will then develop a strategy with the assistance of intelligent data and considerable brain power that will shape your future.



Each of our strategies are structured in a way that promises to achieve maximum exposure/impact at each stage of the customer journey and will be deployed accordingly.


Monitor & Educate

As a data-driven agency with a determination for success, we measure the right things in the right ways and present you with the results you need.



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